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L A R R Y   G I L M A N,   P h D

w r i t e r   &   e d i t o r


•    Grant writing
•    Patent writing
•    Editing of articles, books, or essays in medicine, science, and technology
•    Science, medical, and other writing for general and expert audiences


•    PhD, Dartmouth College, Engineering Sciences, 1995
•    MA, Northwestern University, English Literature, 1996
•    Graduate coursework in fiction writing at Columbia College, Chicago, 1997–2000


•    2006–present. Grant writer. Clients include researchers at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and green-energy startup SustainX, Inc. Over $20 million has been awarded to grants on which I have worked: e.g., here and here.

•    2007, 2012–2013. Development editor of books on architect Le Corbusier and on post-WWII British urbanism by Prof. M. Christine Boyer, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Architecture, Princeton University.

•    2011–2012. Editor of career retrospective book by George Ranalli, dean of the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York.

•    2009–present. Patent writer for DOE and NSF grant awardee SustainX, Inc.

•    2007.  Author of over 100 topic-specific articles in the reference work Climate Change: In Context, Thomson Gale, 2008, winner of a 2009 RUSA Award from the American Library Association.

•    2007.  Science content advisor for Astronomy and Global Warming subject areas, Gale Group Science Resources educational database.

•    2006–7.  Major contributor of articles to The History of Scientific Thought (Thomson Gale, 2007).

•    2006.  Sole reviewer and updater for revised editions of World of Computer Science and World of Invention (Thomson Gale).

•    2004–2005.  Development editor for The Solar Revolution by Travis Bradford (MIT Press, 2006), a nontechnical book about the future of photovoltaic power.

•    2004 to present. Editor for scores of medical and scientific articles for authors submitting to peer-reviewed journals.  Clients include San Francisco Edit, Inc. and researchers at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

•    2003–2004.  Development editor, co-writer, art editor, typesetter, indexer, and copyeditor for Alternative Breast Imaging: Four Model-Based Approaches (Springer, 2004), a collection of technical essays about novel breast-cancer im-aging technologies.  Worked with authors at the Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College to take the book from manuscript fragments to camera-ready copy (see remarks by co-editor P. Meaney under What My Clients Say).

•    2003–2004.  Guided manuscript development of Recombinant Urbanism: Conceptual Modeling in Architecture, Urban Design and City Theory (Wiley-VCH, 2004), by Prof. Grahame Shane, professor of architecture at Columbia University.  Did substantial rewriting, content editing, and copyediting.  The result was deemed “one of the very best manuscripts I have read in the field in the last few years” by one independent prepress reviewer.

•    2002–2004.  Wrote content for educational CD-ROMs on breast cancer and diabetes for Healthmark Multimedia, Inc., Washington, DC, including dramatic skits demonstrating legal/psychological issues for a CD-ROM for the American Psychological Association.

•    2002–2007.  Manuscript editor for essays on visual art for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland (formerly the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art).

•    2001–2005.  Wrote over 200 articles and co-wrote over 100 articles for the Gale Group’s Real Life Math, World of Computer Science, World of Mathematics, World of Physics, World of Earth Science, World of Water Science, and World of Anatomy and Physiology, all encyclopedias intended for high-school students and college undergraduates, as well as for the Encyclopedia of Neurological Diseases, intended for medical students.

•    2002.  Copyedited The Next Jerusalem: Sharing the Divided City, Michael Sorkin ed., Monacelli Press, 2002, a collection of essays on visionary architectural proposals for the Jerusalem area.  Work included manuscript editing and substantial rewriting of English-as-a-second-language contributions.

•    1997–2002.  Copyedited numerous psychology and psychiatry articles for peer-reviewed journals issued by Elsevier, American Psychiatric Press Inc., and Pro-Ed.

•    1997–2003. Content-edited or copyedited medical titles including Cardiovascular Pathophysiology, Metabolism, Medical Molecular Genetics, Endocrine Pathology, Medical Neuroscience (chosen one of 250 Best Health Science Books of 1999 by Doody’s Rating Service), Microbial Pathogenesis, Pharmacology, and Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health.

•    1999–2000.  Part-time faculty, Fiction Writing Department, Columbia College, Chicago.  Taught Fiction Writing I and Introduction to Fiction Writing.

•    1996.  Consulting engineer for the Dartmouth College Medical School, Hanover, NH.  Built and programmed system for digital acquisition and statis-tical analysis of data from clinical cardiac ultrasound machine.

•    1988–95.  Researcher and doctoral candidate at the Thayer School of Engineering and at the Dartmouth College Medical School.  Studied applications of clinical ultrasonic backscatter to cardiac tissue characterization.

•    1985–88.  Engineer for Bell Communications Research, Morristown, NJ. Specialist in digital loop carrier systems.


•    “The King of the Mice,” in “God is Dead” and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself, Wipf & Stock: Eugene, OR. 2010.  Short fiction.

•    Over 100 topic-specific science articles for the two-volume reference work Climate Change: In Context, Brenda Wilmoth Lerner and K. Lee Lerner, eds. 2 vols. Gale Cengage, 2008. 

•    “‘Little House on the Red Planet,” Turnrow, 2007.  Long essay on the space colonization movement.

•    “Burn Less World,” Orion, July/August 2007.  Short essay on reading aloud.

•    Articles on Calculus, Imaging, Linear Math, Zero-Sum Games, and six other topics in Real Life Math (Thomson Gale, 2005).

•    Alternative Breast Imaging: Four Model-Based Approaches, Kluwer, 2004. Edited by Keith Paulsen, Paul Meaney, and Larry Gilman.

•    “First-Order Statistics of Pulsed-Sinusoid Backscatter from Random Media,” Larry Gilman, IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, Vol. 44, No. 4, July 1997. 

•    “Non-Rayleigh First-Order Statistics of Ultrasonic Backscatter from Normal Myocardium,” Larry Clifford [Gilman], Peter Fitzgerald, and Douglas James, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 19, No. 6, 1993.

•    “Bodhisattva,” short story, Hair Trigger 23, 2001.

•    “Jenny Riordan,” novel-in-progress excerpt, Hair Trigger 22, 2000.

•    “Sugar Daddy,” Red Rock Review, Summer 1998.  Winner of the Mark Twain Award for Short Fiction.


•    Third-place win, Astrobiology and the Sacred National Fiction Competition, cosponsored by the University of Arizona College of Science, 2007.

•    Albert P. Weisman Memorial Scholarship, Columbia College, Chicago, 1998, to support research for novel-in-progress.

•    Mark Twain Award for Short Fiction, 1998.

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