If you have an article or book project—academic, scientific, medical, or other—that is stalled because of language difficulties, lack of time or writing expertise, or other roadblocks, I can help. I do researched writing on assignment, developmental and substantive manuscript editing, co-writing, re-writing, or whatever else is needed.


I work with a PI and members of her or his research team to pull together the components of a grant, writing new text from primary sources where necessary (as for Background and Significance), refining graphics, imposing a consistent style, compressing to heed page limits, and otherwise helping the applicant to produce the most professional submission package possible.


With my advanced technical education and broad interests in science, technology, and medicine, I am capable of working closely with a wide range corporations and individuals in the production of provisional and utility patents meeting the strictest standards of clarity, economy, and coverage. I can either edit and rewrite rough drafts, or produce de novo text and graphics from descriptions provided by the inventor in one-on-one conversations. Drafting of claims and full review of the whole text by a patent agent or attorney is always recommended.


First, I receive an article, essay, chapter, book section, or entire book from the client in electronic form. I consult with the client to find out what their goals are, what they feel is working, what they feel isn't working—what they have, what they want, and what they need.

Second, I revise the manuscript. This means suggesting fixes as-needed at every level, from word choice to document architecture, to maximize clarity and to bring out the author's own voice. I invariably have questions and suggestions; these I place in comment balloons in the margin. Many clients find that these remarks are the most valuable aspect of the process.

Third, I return the marked-up text to the client for review. The client may accept or reject any or all of my suggested changes. We may consult about possible responses or clarifications to my comments.

A second round of revisions and consultations can be undertaken. However, most clients find that a single round gets the job done. The goal is a text that meets the highest standards of readability and correctness in its particular field—that can be handed without a blush to any agent, publisher, or magazine editor.

I interact with clients in a clear and respectful way. You, the author, remain the final authority over your own work. Your voice, not mine, should shine in the finished writing.


I have published hundreds of articles on scientific, mathematical, and medical topics as well as several peer-reviewed technical articles and prizewinning fiction (see résumé and writing samples). I’m therefore ready and able to tackle a broad range of subjects and styles: science, medicine, engineering, and the humanities.

In addition to an interest in all forms of basic and biomedical science, I have extensive writing experience and keen interest in global climate change, energy efficiency, energy policy, alternative energy, and related fields. The two-volume reference work Climate Change: In Context (CCIC), for which I contributed a large number of subject-specific articles on the science and politics of climate change, received a prestigious RUSA Award from the American Library Association in 2009. A co-editor of the work, Mr. Lee Lerner, praised my contribution: "Dr. Larry Gilman deserves a special nod for the quality of CCIC. Not only did he author a good number of articles, but Larry was always there to keep me on the true path of science -- and to resist the siren call of false balance." A sample article can be found here.


Contact me to discuss rates. For editing, I bill on an hourly basis; for writing, on a piecework basis.


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