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If you have a grant application, patent, article, or book project involving science, technology, or medicine that is held up because of language difficulties,
lack of time or writing expertise, or other production roadblocks, I can help.  I will do grant and patent writing, researched writing on assignment, developmental and substantive manuscript editing, co-writing and re-writing, or whatever else is needed.
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I have a PhD in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth (EE, biomedical dissertation) and an MA in English from Northwestern. I've also studied and taught creative writing at Columbia College, Chicago. In over fifteen years of freelance writing and editing I've written dozens of patents, worked on grants for biomedical researchers and technology startups (with awarded grants totaling over $20 million), and have edited numerous article and book-length texts for engineers, biomedical researchers, architects, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. I've also published peer-reviewed technical articles, prizewinning fiction, essays, and hundreds of encyclopedia articles on scientific, mathematical, and medical topics.  I live in Vermont and work from home.

what my clients say

ornament  “You are my hero!!!”

Dr. Murray Korc, Chair, Department of Medicine,
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

ornament  “I worked with Larry Gilman for 18 months on the preparation of the manuscript for my book Recombinant Urbanism (2004). He was tough and demanding, but respectful of both my voice and the structure of my arguments. When I took my text to Wiley International for publication there were only six points raised by their copyeditor in 360 pages! Amazing work!”

David Grahame Shane, Professor of Architecture,
Columbia University

ornament  “Larry Gilman is a treasured colleague who has substantially contributed (as a writer and/or advisor) to many of our book and film projects over the years.  In addition to his areas of expertise, Larry's writing is skilled, accurate, and enlightening across a range of scientific disciplines.  Armed with facts and a disarming sense of humor, to the good of every project Larry delivers the top-notch material and honest insights. Simply put, we trust his integrity and work.”

K. Lee Lerner, LernerMedia (UK)

ornament  “Tremendous thanks are also due to editor Larry Gilman. As always, his insight, humor, and intelligence helped shape my writing and thinking about the works at hand.”

Kristin Chambers, Curator, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Threads of Vision: Toward a New Feminine Poetics

ornament  “I have finished going over your editing of chapters 2-7—and think it a masterful job!  So many thanks for so many points of clarification.”

       M. Christine Boyer, School of Architecture, Princeton University

ornament  “Our breast-imaging group’s book project was floundering because all of the principle authors were too occupied with their normal faculty duties. Larry really whipped this project into shape. First, he had the technical skills from his engineering experience to really grasp much of the technical aspects in relatively short order. He also handled all aspects of the project coordination from interfacing with the publisher to prodding the individual authors. When certain critical parts were falling too far behind, Larry actually wrote large sections of different chapters and fine-tuned them with the various authors to reduce their workload. Finally, his organization and attention to detail really turned this into a fine product. The final textbook is a testament to his hard work.”

Paul Meaney, PhD, Dartmouth College, co-editor with Larry Gilman, PhD and Keith Paulsen, PhD of Alternative Breast Imaging: Four Model-Based Approaches, Kluwer

ornament  “Larry Gilman was our excellent editor, performing miracles on texts written in what—for some—was a third or fourth language.”

Michael Sorkin, Sorkin Gallery, New York, in
The Next Jerusalem: Sharing the Divided City, Monacelli Press

ornament “Larry Clifford Gilman deserves another nod for his excellent writing, his invaluable reviewing and copyediting of some troublesome material, and for his consistent good humor . . .”

Brigham Narins, editor, World of Computer Science,
Thomson Gale

ornament “Working with you to reshape my grant proposal text into a book chapter was the most painless experience I ever had with a publication. I think all academic departments should be provided with your help.”

Wendy Wells, MD, Associate Professor of
, Dartmouth Medical School




God is Dead
and I Don't Feel So
Good Myself
Contains a piece
of my short fiction.


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